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Clean Water, Nationwide,Cambodia

Clean Water, Nationwide,Cambodia
Clean Water, Nationwide,Cambodia

Clean Water, Nationwide,Cambodia


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The Hydrologic Ceramic Water Filter Production and Distribution Project in Cambodia is an ongoing Clean Development Mechanism project in the Kingdom of Cambodia that has been independently verified by The Gold Standard.

As fuel use for boiling water in Cambodia predominantly comes from combustion of non-renewable biomass, project activity generates emission reductions through energy zero
Water Purifiers that provide access to clean drinking water in rural households in Cambodia.

Ceramic Water Purifiers are to be provided to 900,000 to 1.7 million people across 168,000 to 315,000 households also contributing to job creation from dispersal and training on use.

Ceramic filtration is the use of porous ceramic (fired clay) to filter microbes or other contaminants from drinking water. Pore size can be made small enough to remove up to 99.99% bacteria.

The Ceramic Water Purifier consists of a porous, pot-shaped filter element made of kilnfired clay impregnated with colloidal silver.

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Clean Water, Nationwide,Cambodia


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