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Improved Cookstoves ,Kenya

Improved Cookstoves ,Kenya
Improved Cookstoves ,Kenya

Improved Cookstoves ,Kenya


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The Aberdares Range, central province Kenya, lies on the equator. It stretches 130km North-South from Nyahururu to Limuru and its highest peak has an altitude of 4,000m above sea level.

This Project distributed approximately 23,000 improved cook stoves to domestic users utilising wood as their primary fuel. The stoves are providing improved fuel efficiency and reduced indoor air pollution. This will contribute to an improvement of both local
and global environmental quality.

Large scale, uncontrolled, irregular, or illegal human activities like charcoal production, logging, settlements, and crop cultivation, among others, caused devastation within the Aberdares range. These stoves will utilise the efficient rocket technology which initial
testing has shown to be about 50% more efficient than traditional 3-stone fires.

These stoves will use less firewood and emit less smoke, which will reduce Daily firewood costs and illness caused by smoke inhalation. The distribution of efficient stoves will result in
greenhouse gas emissions reductions associated with the combustion of firewood derived from non-renewable sources.

UN Sustainability Goals
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