Every company causes carbon emissions. As climate change and other environmental issues take center stage, responsible companies are taking initiatives to reduce their carbon footprints and offset unavoidable emissions. Companies choosing to clean up their carbon can achieve net zero carbon footprint by purchasing one of our certificated carbon reduction projects. This way, they can fund projects that compensate their significant amounts of carbon emissions. Primarily, the companies’ priority is on Scope 1&2 emissions*. With CO2nsensus, they can neutralize their remaining and current emissions and reach their carbon reduction targets set for the upcoming years.

Becoming Carbon Neutral: Companies offsetting their annual carbon emission by investing in one of our certified carbon reduction projects receive CO2nsensus

Carbon Neutral Certificate.

They can easily calculate their carbon emissions via CO2nnectorPro and offset their Scope 1&2 emissions on a yearly basis.

CO2nsensus Carbon Neutral Certificate provides companies a label with a unique ID number for their carbon offsetting projects. This “carbon neutral” label enables a company to document its commitment as a carbon neutral company. It provides assurance that the company has achieved net zero carbon footprint and its carbon neutral claims are robust and credible.

CO2nsensus Carbon Neutral Certificate delivers value to companies’ businesses and beyond. Carbon neutral companies can enhance their corporate social responsibility, increase customer recognition and create ositive ocial and environmental outcomes.

Scope 1: Direct greenhouse gas emissions

Scope 2: Indirect greenhouse gas emissions

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