Climate change along with the environmental issues are impacting all areas of our lives and it’s not only companies who need to be responsible for taking initiatives to reduce their carbon footprints.

Events, particularly the large ones that require long-distance travel by attendees produce large amounts of Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with travels, event space, food, transportation, and electricity and so on. That means events at any scale need to lead the way to a carbon-neutral future by reducing and offsetting their carbon footprints and help the environment.

Event’s carbon footprint assessment

Any event needs to be considered as a service that should use lifecycle methodology for carbon footprint calculations. The event organizers should be able to manage Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced in the planning phase and during the event, but first they need to complete their carbon footprint assessments.

At the planning stage of the event, a preliminary assessment is made to determine the emissions sources and identify the potential GHG outflows. The primary sources of GHG emissions is then examined in detail to see which alternatives are available to reduce potential emissions. This examination includes the emission sources also the primary and secondary effects.

Make your event carbon neutral

A zero-carbon event can only happen once the carbon emissions caused by the event are compensated with certified carbon offset projects. By using CO2nnector, unavoidable carbon emissions are calculated precisely. The next step is offsetting emissions that occur as a result of the event's activities in a verified CO2nsensus carbon offsetting project that range from renewable energy to tree plantation. Pick your carbon offset project from Co2nsensus and neutralize current and upcoming emissions of the event.

Achieve a “Carbon Neutral Event Certificate”

The event offsetting its emissions, receives CO2nsensus Carbon Neutral Certificate. Meaning that the event has achieved net zero carbon footprint and it is certified and confirmed by CO2nsensus. The label provides the event organizer a label with a unique ID number for their carbon offsetting projects.

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