How Can ISave The Planet?

How Can I Save The Planet?

“Saving the Planet” may sound like we need superheroes to fight global warming, yes, it is what it sounds like…

No worries…

Now it is not difficult to be a superhero, we bring all the best gadgets into your hands to fight the climate change.

We introduce you, the game changers…

CO2nnector CO2nnectorPro

Now all you need to do is discovering the way you want to fight Climate Change.

In a world where Climate Change is wreaking havoc on the ecological balance of our planet, the time has come for us to own up to our environmental misdemeanors and act responsibly!

If you're active on Social Media, you must have noticed lots of celebrities boasting about their 'low-carbon' lifestyles or how several popular airlines claim 'carbon-neutrality'.

If you've wondered how they've managed to achieve this, we're going to tell you exactly how that happened!

Carbon Offsetting is an internationally acknowledged way of taking responsibility for carbon emissions that are unavoidable. With global emissions continuing to grow at an alarming rate, Carbon Offsetting has emerged as a cheap and effective remedy to combat this menace that threatens our very existence!

So if you're a corporation or an individual that wishes to take responsibility for your carbon emissions - let us introduce you to the world of Carbon Offsetting!

We're going to explain to you how Carbon Offsetting works, and how you too can do your part in making our Earth a better place to live!

So let’s get started!

Important Notice: Following content will let you know everything about “Carbon Offsets” and how it works… It is long, very long but informative, so you always have a chance to skip to CO2nnector and take action…

What is Carbon Offsetting?

When it comes to neutralizing our Carbon Footprint, the first step always begins with reducing our Carbon Emissions. This is done adopting more eco-friendly techniques that are aimed at producing less waste, and by more using renewable energy.
However, eliminating our Carbon Footprint altogether is an impossible task, and once we’ve reached the limits of reduction – Carbon Offsetting takes care of the rest!

Think of Carbon Offsetting as a form of exchange. Carbon Offsets calculate the amount of CO2 emissions produced by you (or your business) while indulging in a specific activity. Once that’s done, you can compensate for your emissions by funding a project that is designed to reduce Carbon Emissions by the same amount somewhere else on the globe!
When buying an Offset, the projects you fund are mostly designed to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions in some part of the globe. These can range from forest restoration projects to upgrading the filtration systems of factories and power plants.

The reason why Carbon Offsetting has seen such a spike in popularity in recent years is because of the fact that this process allows an individual to reduce the global carbon emissions by paying for restoration projects, instead of having to make radical, sometimes impossible, changes to their lifestyles!
Now a question that often pops up when people hear about Carbon Offsetting is this – “How does reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in a different part of the globe help to reduce its impact in our immediate environment?”

The answer is simple. Greenhouse Emissions are somewhat different from other pollutants when it comes to its interaction with the environment. Greenhouse Gases mix very rapidly with the atmosphere and then start spreading around the entire planet.
It thus makes no difference whether you reduce the GHG Emissions in your immediate environment or a 1000 miles away from your home. As long as fewer emissions enter the atmosphere, our planet gets to breathe cleaner air!

Carbon Offsetting is an incredibly effective technique to make our planet a cleaner place to live in. Carbon Offsetting firms like us strive towards lowering the global Carbon Emissions.
Individuals, as well as businesses, can buy our services to neutralize their Carbon Footprints, and hence build up their green image while doing so.

In an era when Climate Change is increasingly becoming a topic of global concern, your peers, customers, and investors are all looking towards you to adopt a more responsible stance!

Is Carbon Offsetting an effective way to combat Global Emissions?

Carbon Emissions are a worldwide menace whose impact is rapidly being felt all over the globe. Carbon Offsetting is based on the theory that reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in any part of the world is worthwhile and contributes towards the overall improvement of the environment.

As we explained earlier, the nature of Greenhouse Gas Emissions is such that it quickly mixes with the atmosphere and starts spreading. It thus doesn’t matter where the reduction takes place as long as the overall level of Global Carbon Emissions is going down.

Despite the process being effective anywhere in the globe, most Carbon Offset firms focus on reducing or absorbing Carbon Emissions in the developing or ecologically threatened regions of the world.

The reason behind this is the fact developing economies are far easier to work on, from a logistical point of view, as compared to a region with an already developed infrastructure.

Minimizing emissions beyond a certain threshold can be extremely challenging in developed nations that are conditioned to a certain high standard of living. This is why Carbon Offsetting can be an extremely convenient alternative that can help individuals and businesses take responsibility for their Carbon Emissions.

You can pay to fund projects such as GHG Collection or Sequestration, forestry, conversion to renewable sources of energy and a wide variety of other projects that aim to bring down the overall level of emissions globally. This way you can compensate for the Carbon Emissions which are unavoidable.

Simply stated, Carbon Offsets are schemes that are designed to counterbalance our Carbon Footprint which is unavoidable. So basically, these are "Carbon Credits" that you or your business can earn by investing in schemes designed to cut back on Greenhouse Gas Emissions!

After minimizing your own Carbon Footprint, you can neutralize the effects of your unavoidable emissions offsetting the emissions contributed by others in a different part of the globe. Carbon Offsets are usually measured in tons of CO2 emissions reduced, referred to as CO2e.

A single Carbon Offsets refers to a decrease of one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere! Sustainability firms like us offer services to both individuals as well as corporates that wish to take responsibility for their emissions and boost their Green image!

Your investment can help save our environment from the hazards that Carbon Emissions have imposed on our planet. It’s more than just damage control, its taking responsibility for the damage we cause to the environment through our daily activities! Let us explain how exactly this process works!

How do Carbon Offsets work?

At present, we are producing upwards of 25 Billion tons of Carbon Dioxide per year. Most of it accumulates in the atmosphere and is causing irreversible damage to our environment. Carbon Offsets work towards bringing down the overall emissions with the help of your investment in Offset schemes!

There are two main ways in which Offsets operate – the Compliance market (also known as the Cap and Trade Market) and the Voluntary Market.

Carbon Offsetting for Individuals

It is estimated that an average person in the United States is responsible for around 20 Metric Tons of Carbon Emission every year. That is an incredibly large amount, and when totaled for the whole population, household emissions make up for a massive chunk of the total global emissions.

It is thus our responsibility as a citizen of the Earth to work hand in hand with firms and businesses towards cutting down our Carbon Footprint and Offset the amount which is unavoidable.

There are several Carbon Offsetting schemes which are specially designed for individuals that are aimed at neutralizing their personal Carbon Footprint. You can neutralize an entire year's worth of CO2 Emissions by investing in extremely affordable schemes which support different projects elsewhere in the globe.

Carbon Offsetting for Corporations

With the entire world feeling the menace of Climate Change, there is a growing call for businesses around the globe to take accountability for their emissions and go 'Carbon Neutral'!

There's already a growing list of big corporations around the globe, including the likes of Microsoft, Adidas, and the Sony group, leading the way and pledging to go ‘Carbon Neutral' in the coming years.

Apart from doing your part towards protecting the environment, voluntary Carbon Offsets when performed by Corporations make customers look beyond the services your business has to offer. It demonstrates your environmental credentials and builds up customer confidence by demonstrating your corporation’s seriousness towards environmental issues!

In fact, Carbon Offsetting can even deliver growth opportunities for your business by supporting growth in critical markets and helping to launch new products and services. As there is increasing talks about businesses becoming net positive – we believe it is the duty of every corporation to own up to their unavoidable negative environmental impacts and deliver positive social and environmental change!

Advantages of Carbon Offsetting

Now that you have a fairly good idea about what Carbon Offsetting is and how the process works, let’s get into its benefits!

The most obvious benefit that comes out of Carbon Offsetting is the positive environmental impact that it creates by neutralizing the carbon emissions of individuals and corporations and thus reducing the global emissions.

But beyond this very obvious advantage, why else should you invest in Offset schemes?

The answer is simplicity! If you’re serious about taking responsibility for your Carbon Footprint, Carbon Offsetting provides the simplest and most effective way to neutralize your emissions.

Instead of having to implement drastic modifications to your lifestyle, or in case of corporations – difficult alterations to your everyday operation, you can simply offset your carbon emissions by buying "Carbon Credits."

We provide quick methods to calculate your Carbon Footprint and subsequently determine how many credits you require to become a zero carbon polluter. This is a fast, easy and transparent way of neutralizing your negative impacts on the environment.

There are also plenty of offsetting services which can allow you to offset your emission according to specific actions. For example, suppose you wish to neutralize your emissions from a flight you plan on taking. We can calculate the approximate amount of CO2 Emission that can result from your flight, taking into account the distance traveled and the time taken.

The Offset package will then be priced according to emissions of your specific action! There are different Offset Packages which include neutralizing the emissions of specific events or the average emission of a household in a year.

Given the incredibly affordable rates at which most offset services are available, it's the least you can do to make our planet a cleaner place to live!

Final Words

Carbon Offsetting is undoubtedly one of the most effective and modern ways to combat the menace of Climate Change through a highly transparent and straightforward methodology that aims to bring down global emissions!

Minimizing your Carbon Footprint can only do so much. If you wish to achieve full Carbon Neutrality, Offsetting is the only viable way to do so!