How Can I Save The Planet?

Global warming is the single most serious threat facing our planet today. It’s so true that we need to give the climate change, wildlife extinction and pollution our urgent attention.

“Saving the Planet” may sound like as if we need superheroes to fight this. Actually in real life, we don’t have to be superheroes to do something about it. That’s why we introduce you, the game changers… We mean the real change makers.

We introduce you, the game changers…


Calculate, Analyze and Offset your individual carbon emissions by using CO2nnector Carbon Footprint Software.

CO2nnector has been developed for individual carbon calculation of your daily emissions. It enables you to compensate all of your emissions by making direct purchases of the verified carbon offsetting projects.


Accounting and reporting your company’s carbon emission is now simple.

Every company causes carbon emissions. CO2nnectorPro Carbon Footprint Software provides companies an easy solution with simplified calculations to get a carbon footprint report.

Companies with the goal of achieving net zero carbon footprint can calculate their emissions and purchase one of our certificated carbon reduction projects to compensate their carbon emissions.

Carbon Neutral

Being Carbon Neutral Means Offsetting All of Your Carbon Emissions

Carbon Neutral is mainly classified into 3 groups:

Carbon Neutral Products, Carbon Neutral Companies and Carbon Neutral Events.

The impact of carbon emission is global. Emissions caused by an individual, an organization or manufacturing products contribute to global warming and to the climate change significantly. If an emission is unavoidable or can’t be reduced, it stays in the atmosphere and generates carbon footprint.

Saving the planet requires us to address the carbon reduction issue and take real action. We must reduce our carbon footprint to the levels agreed to in the Paris Climate Agreement to prevent the increase of the greenhouse gas emissions.

Be a change maker, offset your carbon footprint and help saving our planet.

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