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Grow Your Own Forest & Invest in theBest Carbon Offset Projects

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Whether you’re an eco-friendly individual, responsible traveler, eco-conscious family, or a group of friends who want to take part in climate action, we have the perfect plan for you!

Grow Your Own Forest

Forests are the lungs of our earth! Help cleanse our atmosphere by planting trees every month and growing your own forest!


Support Carbon Offset Projects

We cause carbon emissions, one way or another. Support carbon reduction projects in underdeveloped countries. Make a change for the people and the world.

Become Carbon Neutral!

Forests are growing, and projects are running. With only a small step, you’ve made the world a better - and cleaner - place. Enjoy your carbon-neutral lifestyle!


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Gold Standard

The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard is a certification body for carbon offset projects all around the world. It ensures that your funds are transferred to the right carbon offset projects.

Gold Standard

The VCS Program

The VCS Program is the world's most widely used voluntary GHG certification program. It offers various carbon offset projects that also support local development.

Gold Standard

The Eden Projects

The Eden Projects’ primary goal is to fight poverty by creating jobs for the poor via planting trees. Millions of trees are planted within the project each year.

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