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Carbon Offset Program for Airlines

Sustainability in aviation is hard to achieve, but never impossible!

As customers demand more responsible, sustainable, and carbon-neutral flights, airline companies and online travel agencies are looking for ways and practices that will facilitate offsetting flight emissions.

That is where Co2nnectorAvi steps in!

What is Co2nnectorAvi?

Being an API service that provides the fastest and most accurate flight-related carbon calculations, Co2nnectorAvi is a new age Airline Carbon Offset Program.

Our comprehensive API offers end-to-end solutions when it comes to carbon-neutral flights:

  • Fast, accurate, and easy flight-based carbon footprint calculations.
  • VCS and the Gold Standard verified carbon offset projects.
  • Carbon offset certifications.
  • Additional services.

What is Co2nnectorAvi?

Co2nnector Avi

Why Start Now?

Climate change is a global matter that requires our immediate attention, and every company in every industry should do their share to fight against it.

As aviation is one of the foremost causes of carbon emissions, plans such as CORSIA are taking place to help balance its impact. Governments and corporations seek companies that are compliant with regulations and social norms.

In addition, with more and more people gaining consciousness, customers are expecting solutions and innovations that will help them act responsibly, in other words, help them become carbon-neutral.

Customers prefer airline companies that offer offsetting programs so they can reduce their impact on climate change.

Meanwhile, non-profit civil organizations are pressuring several industries, including aviation, to deploy solutions that reduce CO2 emissions.

Therefore, deploying our advanced carbon offsetting API Co2nnectorAvi is vital for airline companies that want to stay ahead of the game and gain a competitive edge!

Why Co2nnectorAvi?

There are plenty of carbon footprint calculators out there. However, each person, product, industry, and event has a different carbon footprint, thus, requires a different calculation.

Co2nnectorAvi is a next-gen carbon offsetting program developed specifically for airlines.

Here are some of its unique features:

End-to-End Co2nnectorAvi is more than your average carbon calculator. Our API system provides comprehensive solutions that will facilitate carbon offsetting for your customers and becoming carbon neutral for your company.
100% Accurate Calculations It uses an up-to-date database and the most relevant reference points in flight emission calculations, resulting in 100% accurate calculations.
Easy-to-Use As Co2nnectorAvi is very easy to deploy, it is also user-friendly. Therefore, your customers will engage in an enhanced user experience, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.
Best Carbon Offset Projects The carbon offset projects offered within Co2nnectorAvi are verified by The Gold Standard and VCS, and compliant with CORSIA.
Transparency Transparency is one of the most important things when it comes to carbon offset projects. Therefore, we deliver each carbon calculation and offset with full transparency.
Automated Procedures The calculations are automatically executed as your passengers book their flight. Therefore, not only do your customers save time and labor on these procedures, but the risk of miscalculations due to human error is also reduced.
Custom Solutions Co2nnectorAvi presents a wide variety of implementation options. You can deploy a ready-made API or request a custom-designed solution.
Secure All the calculations and data transfer take place on our safe cloud system, ensuring data security.
24/7 Technical Support Our dedicated support team helps with any technical issue that you may encounter anytime, any day.

How It Works

Our API facilitates the best carbon offset program in only 5 steps:

As passengers book their flight, relevant data are processed on our cloud-based server.
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Co2nnectorAvi’s API system combines these data and the relevant parameters for each airline to present the most accurate CO2 footprint calculations sourced by that specific flight.
Co2nsensus Co2nnector Avi
We share the results with your passengers as they are informed of their carbon footprint and offer verified carbon offset projects that will balance their impact.
Co2nsensus Avi
If they choose to proceed with offsetting, they are directed to payment options that you can customize.
Co2nnector Avi
After they neutralizizing their flight-based carbon emissions, they are sent an offset certificate via our API systems.
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Additional Services

With Co2nnectorAvi, you do not only get access to the best aviation offset program, but also get access to many additional services that streamline the entire process of going carbon neutral.

Do your customers have a question about their offset or carbon footprint?

Let us handle your CRM processes related to carbon offsetting so that you don’t have to spare money, time, and effort for them.
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Partner Integration
Airlines companies and travel agencies tend have many connections and partners.

Our “partner integration” service helps your partners easily integrate your offset program, allowing your carbon neutrality to spread across.
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There are several benefits to deploying Co2nnectorAvi;

  • With Co2nnectorAvi, airlines can empower their passengers with a flight carbon offset program that enables 100% carbon neutral flights.,,
  • Co2nnectorAvi is convenient and easy to use as passengers can easily calculate their flight-related carbon footprint.
  • Allowing your customers to see the CO2 emissions associated with their flights will build trust and consciousness within them, ultimately helping stop climate change!
  • Implementing carbon offsetting practices will help your airline become an industry leader.
  • Supporting various third-party certified carbon reduction programs will help make our planet sustainable and your company green!
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