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Inspire Your Friends, Save the World Together!

Thank you for your contribution to freeing our planet from all that carbon emissions out there! Having you in our community means a lot to us.

However, climate change is something that we cause together, so why not overcome it together as well?

Invite your friends to join Co2nsensus and inspire them to offset their carbon footprints, just like you!

As you recruit your friends, you will not only spread environmental awareness, but you will also unlock rewards!

As the old saying goes, in unity, there is strength… Help us find more people willing to join our fight against climate change and make the world green again!

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How It Works

1. Recruit Your Friends Share your unique recruitment link with your friends.
2. Join Forces Inspire your friends to sign up to Co2nsensus and offset their carbon footprints.
3. Access Your Rewards As your recruits start contributing to offsetting projects, you gain access to rewards.


$10 First Recruitment Get $10 for your first recruit’s 2 tonnes worth of carbon offsets.
$90 Next Four Recruitments Get your next 4 recruits to offset 2 tonnes worth of carbon each and get $90 more!
  • Your rewards are transferred into your Co2nsensus balance.
  • Rewards only apply to your first 5 recruits, giving a cumulative total of $100 reward.