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About Us

We are aware that climate change is one of the biggest threats that our planet has encountered, and we humans are the ones to blame.

However, we are also realistic when it comes to working out solutions that will help minimize our impact.

As a result, we’ve gathered a team of tech experts with profound environmental engineers and established Co2nsensus, a next-gen climate-tech company.

Since then, we’ve dedicated our efforts to developing the best products and solutions that will help our fight against climate change and its various side effects such as global warming, wildlife extinction, etc.

Our Values

Transparency We are always transparent and we cherish honesty without cease.
Innovation We are proud developers of the most convenient and accurate carbon management products and services. We will never stop challenging ourselves.
Community We appreciate our community, continually seeking ways to enlarge it and reach out to more conscious minds.

Our Mission

To empower businesses and individuals with the best of products, services, and offset projects to join forces with us against the climate crisis.

Our Purpose

We aim at transforming business cultures, helping them restore a balance between their activities and emissions, and we guide them as they cultivate this shift.

We also aim at facilitating carbon management for both businesses and individuals, providing them with innovative, cost-effective, and practical solutions and products that help them measure, optimize and neutralize their carbon footprint.

To do so, we encourage and help:
our adopt sustainability practices,
businesses reduce – and neutralize – their corporate carbon footprint, and
individuals become conscious and responsible about environmental issues.
They all contribute to a more significant cause: achieving a sustainable, greener, and climate-balanced future for our planet.