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Ready-to-Use Carbon Calculator

Carbon offsets are of great significance for our quest for environmental protection. Therefore, we believe it should be accessible to everyone.

So, we developed our unique carbon footprint calculator, “Co2nnector”.

Co2nnector is a widget that you can place on your website and offer your visitors “carbon offsetting.”

The best part is, it’s free!

Benefits of Co2nnector

First of all, facilitating carbon calculations and offsets dramatically impacts the environment, saving years of life ahead.

That said, providing such an opportunity will increase customer satisfaction as you will be serving your end user’s needs.

You will also be contributing to the recent social norms, supporting sustainability, wildlife protection, and much more, which makes our planet a great place to live.

But, why Co2nnector?
User Friendly
Powered by Co2nsensus, ensuring constant development
Internationally Acknowledged Verified by RINA and uses the DEFRA and ecoinvent database
Prove your eco-consciousness to your customers, shareholders, and stakeholders
First step towards an effective carbon management
Fuss-free iFrame design fits seamlessly into your Web/intranet/extranet
It only takes 5 minutes to setup

Who Can Use It?

Who Can Use It?

Carbon calculations concern everybody on our planet, so it doesn’t matter what your website is based on.

If you have a travel blog, use it to encourage your travel enthusiast audience to offset their travel-based footprint.

If you have a website, simply use it to enhance your customer experience, as carbon calculations serve greatly to the end user’s curiosity.

Whatever you do, offering your audience carbon calculations and the opportunity to offset them will take you one step ahead!

How to Setup

All you need to do is get up and run to copy the widget codes!

Copy these codes on your clipboard:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" crossorigin="anonymous" /><script src="" charset="utf-8" crossorigin="anonymous" async></script>
Paste the code above the closing </head> of the HTML in your website.
Now, copy this code on to your clipboard:
<co2nsensus-widget widget-id="xxxxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxx" classes="light"></co2nsensus-widget>
Paste it above the closing </body> of the HTML in your website on the pages you want Co2nnector to work!
After these 4 easy steps, our API is good to go! If you require assistance on any stage, feel free to contact us any time!