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Green Delivery

Greening Your Shippings

Climate change and pollution are some of the biggest threats our planet has encountered. With its effects proliferating at a very high speed, it has become urgent to developing solutions that will help reduce and ultimately stop them.

At Co2nsensus, we dedicate ourselves to develop eco-friendly solutions and products that help achieve carbon neutrality in every industry!

Green Delivery is our green solution for e-commerce and logistics companies, which account for enormous CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

What is Green Delivery?

Green Delivery is an API system that helps e-commerce and logistic companies to offer green and carbon-neutral deliveries.

The API executes on-site shipping-based carbon footprint calculations. After these calculations, your customers are offered various Gold Standard and VCS verified carbon offset projects that help balance the environmental impact caused by shipping.

So, your customers receive guilt-free and carbon-neutral deliveries!

Why Start Now?

Carbon emissions generated from transportation account for almost 23% of all carbon emissions. That said, the consensus is that emissions caused by the transport industry should be reduced by over 50% before 2050 if we want to sustain our planet, that is.

However, solutions like “not using one-day delivery” or “green-packaging” are unfortunately not enough to balance the enormous carbon emission caused by shipping.

In addition, such options may decrease customer satisfaction as they might receive their shipments later than expected.

That is when our solution, “Green Delivery,” steps in.

Why Green Delivery?

There are plenty of reasons you should start offering carbon-neutral delivery, but even more to why you should do it with Green Delivery!

100% Accurate Calculations Green Delivery uses the most up-to-date database and the most relevant reference points, resulting in 100% accurate calculations.
Reputation Boost Of course, neutralizing carbon footprints help save our environment, but having the consciousness to support such a goal is also a massive opportunity for PR.

Let your competitors and customers know that you’re “paying back” to the environment, and set an example for others in your industry.
Best Carbon Offset Projects The carbon offset projects offered to your customers are verified by The Gold Standard and VCS, contributing significantly to the UNSDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).
Transparency Carbon offsetting can’t be based on sole trust; it asks for proof. That’s why, we value transparency and publicly display transaction records.
CRM Your customers may have questions regarding their carbon offsets or the carbon projects.

As your carbon offset provider, we will help you manage your CRM, freeing you of the time and human power you’ll need to execute it yourself.
Flexible Integration We support partner integrations that will help facilitate maintaining your carbon-neutral delivery system.
Automation The relevant data required for the calculations of your customers’ delivery-based carbon footprints are retrieved automatically, offering accurate and fast calculations in seconds.
Secure We have your back 24/7. We will be there when you have downtime or malfunction or need technical support.
24/7 Technical Support We have your back 24/7 when you have downtime or malfunction or simply need technical support.

How It Works?

1. Carbon offsetting involves calculating the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an individual, company, event, or product and compensating for it by funding a project that will reduce the same amount of carbon elsewhere.

2. The shipment-wise carbon emissions per product are calculated and presented to the customer.

3. Then, the customer is offered carbon offsetting projects that they can contribute to in order to neutralize their carbon footprint.

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What Is Carbon Offsetting?
Carbon offsetting involves calculating the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an individual, company, event, or product and compensating for it by funding a project that will reduce the same amount of carbon elsewhere in the environment.
How Does the Green Delivery API Work?
Our API automatically calculates the carbon emissions caused by the whole delivery process and in real-time.

The calculated carbon emissions are shared with the customers, who are presented with various high-standard offset projects which they can fund to neutralize their carbon footprint.
Who Can Use Green Delivery?
Green Delivery can be used by every eco-conscious mind, whether an individual, enterprise, developer, or organization. Its flexible infrastructure and international database make it suitable for everyone!

In addition, you can always customize it or contact Co2nsensus for tailor-made projects.
How Much Does Green Delivery Cost?
We offer two different payment options based on industry.
1. Pay per transaction
2. Pay per request
Please feel free to contact us for more details!