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Your Climate Positive Crew

Define your employees and start offsetting their carbon footprints!

$ 7.20 per employee/month

Number of minor travelers

Prefer working at the office?

Neutralize your minor traveler employees’ carbon footprints which are based on office utilities, commute, and short business trips by funding a UN Sustainability Development Goal.

$ 14.40 per employee/month

Number of occasional travelers

Do you spend time both in the office and on the go?

Offset the carbon footprint of your employees that travel more than your average office-based employee, including the carbon emissions caused by office utilities and commute.

$ 28.80 per employee/month

Number of frequent travelers

Always on the way?

Compensate the carbon emissions caused by your frequent traveling employees by adding into account the GHG emissions caused by office utilities and commute.


The total number of employees


reduced every year

7.2 Tonne of CO2

$ 0

per month

Subscription Plan

Every employee has their own carbon footprint. With your monthly subscription, you will be able to easily calculate your employees’ footprints, whether inside or outside of work, and including everything from business flights to vacations.

Total Carbon Offset Cost

$ 0

per month