Dağpazarı Wind Power Plant



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Dağpazarı Wind Power Plant (WPP) includes the operation of a 39 MW onshore wind farm in Mut District, Mersin Province, in Turkey and the project consists of 13 Siemens SWT 101 turbines each having a capacity of 3,000 kW in the project. The net electricity generation is 144,400 MWh for the monitoring period and is transmitted via 34.5 kV transmission line, to Birkapılı Hydropower Plant located 5.6 km Southeast of the project site. The purpose of the Project is to produce renewable electricity using wind as the power source and to contribute to Turkey’s growing electricity demand through a sustainable and low carbon technology. The project displaces the same amount of electricity generated by the grid dominated with fossil fired power plants. The annual emission reduction achieved by the project is 62,284 tCO2e. The project was operational on 20/05/2012 and registered on 03/04/2013 under the Gold Standard Registry with the registration number GS 1034.

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