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The forest sector of Uruguay has a significant role in the socio-economic development of the country, especially its interior regions. Weyerhaeuser is committed to sustainable forest production and its operations in Uruguay are designed not only in accordance to legal environmental regulations in the country, but also to Weyerhaeuser’s highest operational and environmental corporate requirements in its commitment to preserve soil, water and air quality, as well as community well-being.

“Weyerhaeuser Uruguay Forest Plantation on Degraded Grassland under Extensive Grazing” is not the exemption. The project started in February 22nd 2006, when first activities of GHG emission removals (preparing land for planting) were implemented. The project comprises a total of 18,191 ha of land in Uruguay previously under extensive grazing by beef cattle, converted into forest plantations for value added, long-lived timber products and for sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in different pools. It will remove a total amount of 5,652,922 tCO2 in a period of 100 years or an average of 56,529 tCO2 per year.

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:

Forest Plantations, Cerro Largo, Uruguay


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