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A Race for Saving the Planet

It’s time to take a stand for the species on the edge of extinction. This season, we cherish white weasel and invite you to safeguard our beautiful planet!

For the Love of White Weasel!

Climate change is overwhelming, it is impacting all the species worldwide. Wildlife populations are declining at an unprecedented rate and the cute, little weasels are no exceptions to that. With less snow on the ground, weasels which turn white in winter are becoming easier prey for wolves and other predators, as they are not able camouflage their furs. If the environmental conditions don’t change, they might face extinction.

So what can we do about it? The goal of becoming more eco-conscious is a great starting point. But we all know that a goal without action is just a wish, so we invite you all to join “For the love of white weasel challenge”!

How to Participate

Show our planet and white weasel some love. Offset your carbon footprint, reduce global emissions and improve livelihoods by saving these amazing animals. The more carbon footprint you offset with Co2nsensus, the more you get a chance to be the winner!

White Weasel Challenge Awards

Our planet and the wildlife are pretty incredible and deserve our kindness. We celebrate the winners with the carbon offset coupons to be used for their future carbon emissions.

$500 Carbon offset coupon
$250 Carbon offset coupon
$150 Carbon offset coupon
$100 Carbon offset coupon
$50 Carbon offset coupon

Share Your Achievement

Raise awareness, spread the love for wildlife, and inspire others to take steps to reduce their environmental impact with us. It’s time to get your green on!