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Before you do a direct purchase of your carbon offsets it is important to understand few basics in it. As carbon offset schemes happen worldwide provided by different service providers, one could experience wide variation in the offset schemes. Hence, it is better to determine your requirement first before simply jumping in buying a scheme.

Some organisations or people just want to offset their single activity like taking a flight or doing a car travel, while others are interested to offset their entire carbon footprint. Hence, depending upon the requirement and scope, a direct purchase should be booked accordingly.

Apart from requirement, one should also understand the cost variation in offset schemes. Likewise, in general, a fairly typical fee for offsetting a tonne of CO2 is £8/$12. At this price, a typical British Family could offset its one year of carbon footprint in around £45. Just to remember this footprint comes from family’s one year of electricity and gas consumption so it has to be in mind before you direct purchase.

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