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For almost a decade now, world environmental agencies have declared ‘climate change’ the most critical problem of the time. It is most critical and most threatening as how the environment has been damaged by it in the last decade. We as citizens of the modern-day need to do something about it. We need to take some individual action to fight the crisis that prevails.

Carbon offsetting is one way to take individual responsibility and respond to the global crisis of climate change. It refers to lowering your individual carbon burden by spending on projects that minimise environmental impact. These could be tree plantation projects; saving natural forests projects; alternate energy projects; and or transportation impact reduction projects where you can spend and lower your carbon footprint.

Carbon offsetting provides the opportunity to take part in environmental sustenance and we at CO2nsensus assist you in doing it. Yes, we provide you the authentic way of carbon offsetting. We provide you a simple system to offset calculation and reduction. When you invest in us, we effectively offset your individual carbon impression.

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