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CO2nsensus introduce you to Carbon Offsetting

For almost a decade now, world environmental agencies have declared ‘climate change’ the most critical problem of the time. It is most critical and most threatening as how the environment has been damaged by it in the last decade. We as citizens of the modern-day need to do something about it. We need to take some individual action to fight the crisis that prevails.

Carbon offsetting is one way to take individual responsibility and respond to the global crisis of climate change. It refers to lowering your individual carbon burden by spending on projects that minimise environmental impact. These could be tree plantation projects; saving natural forests projects; alternate energy projects; and or transportation impact reduction projects where you can spend and lower your carbon footprint.

Carbon offsetting provides the opportunity to take part in environmental sustenance and we at CO2nsensus assist you in doing it. Yes, we provide you the authentic way of carbon offsetting. We provide you a simple system to offset calculation and reduction. When you invest in us, we effectively offset your individual carbon impression.

CO2nsensus and Carbon Offset Shipping

Nowadays we live in a global digital village where the shipment of goods is just a matter of a few clicks. There is magnificent stuff traveling from here to there in this global village, and this happening is persistent and nonstop. Carbon offsetting is a great need in this logistics sector. If we on individual basis carbon offset our shipments, it could really leave an impact in reducing global carbon footprint.

CO2nsensus actually assists you in carbon offsetting your individual logistics footprint. Our forum provides you a simple and reliable means for offsetting your regular shipments. The more you do with us is the more you translate your shipment into carbon neutral.

Our Projects

At CO2nsensus our portfolio shelves a range of verified carbon reduction projects. These might include renewable energy projects of hydropower, solar, wind, and biofuel; afforestation and reforestation projects. Our projects keeping the VCS and GOLD Standard provide you with the trust you need to invest in us.

Our clients find satisfaction with us for a reason that all CO2nsensus projects get defined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of preventing environmental harm; bringing well-being to the community; and improving social life to all possible extent.

We do it as we care. We care to preserve and encourage your moral initiative. So keep doing with us to keep making your routine shipments greener.

CO2nsensus and Offsetting

In Carbon Offsetting, accuracy is the most crucial aspect. At CO2nsensus we offer CO2nnector, our offset calculation software that works in total accuracy to calculate your shipment offsets. CO2nnector through adopting internationally recognized greenhouse gas methodologies is able to produce 100% accurate results. CO2nnector incorporates the most recognized databases to consider all critical emission factors, which leads to perfect calculation.

CO2nnector is simple and smart to process user data. For shipment emission, CO2nnector asks Shipment type and the source and destination to be transported to for indicating all results. This is how through CO2nnector, we work on aspects of value to the client and 100% client satisfaction.

Our Certification


Effective offsetting mainly depends on transparency. If the two activities are well-detailed, naturally offsetting is as it is desired. After you compensate your offsets, CO2nnector generates a certificate indicating your name, your carbon offset purpose, the carbon reduction project you selected and the amount of carbon credits you purchased. These details mean effective monitoring and tracking and hence a process of transparency.

Our Mission and Why We Do It?

There are several service providers in carbon offsetting domain, but to finding the right one is a complete task. Coming to CO2nensus means you have found a simple, authentic and credible service provider. We do carbon offsetting as a complete mission to serve realizing the severity of climate change as a global problem.

CO2nsensus remains close to the latest social and environmental trends. We stick to all data upgrades to provide users with accurate results. CO2nsensus works on a recognized system of standards to value clients’ spending in different carbon reduction projects.

We work on the principles of social responsibility to encourage clients’ moral initiatives. We do it to promote the virtue required in the current time. We do it for future generations. We do it to for our common future.