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What it means in scope and nature?

A building which is about to be constructed or which is already constructed naturally has a great carbon footprint. If the building is in construction, there are lots of activities happening such as supply of raw materials, equipment movement, and construction itself which need offsetting.

Similarly, when the building is being maintained or running (already constructed), there is supply of energy; there is release of waste or smoke if it’s a factory; there is materials handling if it is a warehouse surely also require carbon offsetting.

In every modern day building going through construction or maintenance, carbon offsetting comes out an obligatory task. It is important not just for the environment, but for the safety aspect through a building’s life-cycle.

Offsetting helps in cutting construction costs. It helps balancing out building’s factory overheads by spending in projects which raise environmental sustainability. It allows the balancing out of an overall building’s life cycle impact.

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