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Carbon Offsetting your Buildings: What it means in scope and nature?

A building which is about to be constructed or which is already constructed naturally has a great carbon footprint. If the building is in construction, there are lots of activities happening such as supply of raw materials, equipment movement, and construction itself which need offsetting.

Similarly, when the building is being maintained or running (already constructed), there is supply of energy; there is release of waste or smoke if it’s a factory; there is materials handling if it is a warehouse surely also require carbon offsetting.

In every modern day building going through construction or maintenance, carbon offsetting comes out an obligatory task. It is important not just for the environment, but for the safety aspect through a building’s life-cycle.

Offsetting helps in cutting construction costs. It helps balancing out building’s factory overheads by spending in projects which raise environmental sustainability. It allows the balancing out of an overall building’s life cycle impact.

Offsetting your Buildings through CO2nsensus

Building and construction is surely a multistage process and it involves lots of phases in which great carbon amounts emit. Offsetting your building through CO2nsensus therefore remains essential. Such a doing means a lot to benefit you as a builder and later on to ecology as heart of the society

There are in general great social benefits to carbon offsetting buildings. For instance, such an act controls emissions which individuals in personal capacities cannot; it increases employment; it increases health improvement; it causes biodiversity and it impoverishes communities.

In obtaining all such crucial benefits, CO2nsensus plays like a catalyst role. We do it for you as our client and we do it to contribute back to the society that makes us exist. CO2nsensus do it as an important social responsibility.

CO2nsensus Offsetting Building Projects

CO2nsensus manages to guide building offsets to a sustainable direction. Yes, we at our platform offer different globally recognised building offsetting projects. These projects are recognised as they are managed by our experienced recognised international partners.

Our projects cover different destinations of the world. Developing countries like Kenya, Panama, or India carry our projects. Similarly, the developed countries like United Kingdom, Uruguay and Turkey situate our global projects.

These projects vary in scope and nature. For instance, to offset buildings emissions particular, we have renewable energy projects like solar, wind, biogas and hydropower projects. We have direct carbon reduction projects such as our global afforestation and reforestation projects. In such diverse portfolio, we offer builders great flexibility to decide their direct purchase.

CO2nsensus Tips to Offset Your Buildings

There is lot of opportunity in the design phase in offsetting a building effectively. Our professionals at CO2nsensus have worked out research to share you with some tips.

These tips are to improve basic design of your building and make it carbon free and sustainable throughout its life cycle period. These tips are as follows.

  • In the design phase there lie great opportunities of carbon reduction. According to Andrea Charlson, senior engineer of advanced technology at Arup, in the design phase is when building details could be improved, alternative layouts could be compared, and materials could be best selected to use lesser material. As soon as design phase progresses, these opportunities start disappearing and so it is better to start early, according to the engineer.
  • CO2nsensus works closely on how modern technology works. Based on this knowledge, we propose few basic considerations to improve the design of a building. Very firstly is HVAC consideration which is 40 percent of all carbon emissions from a building. We propose efficient heating ventilation and conditions systems for a building with efficient maintenance operations to lower the impact from its root. Then CO2nsensus would propose continuous insulation (continuous across all structure members) which directly cut emissions and provides water, vapour, thermal and air control in one layer of a system. Continuous insulation means simplifying construction to its best. Then renewable energy, lighting, recycled content usage, water usage and location remain further important considerations to improve the lasting of the structure.
  • During the early planning, building’s life cycle assessment (LCA) also remains a crucial task. LCA from the beginning means analysing flows (water, energy, material and waste) of the building right away for knowing collective environmental impact later.
  • LCA of material means a set of life cycle inventory data. Manufacturers reveal such information in form of environmental product declarations which should be used to calculate building’s material carbon footprint or total carbon impact.

Certification and Authentication


We at CO2nsensus believe in authenticity and for that matter we push ourselves to credible certification in our provision. All CO2nsensus offerings are internationally certified. We maintain Gold and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) in our projects’ portfolio. Once you’ve trusted CO2nsensus, it means you have reliability, authenticity and value.