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What is Carbon Offsetting Flights

What is Carbon Offsetting Flights?

The environmental impact of airline industry remains as major as any other carbon emitting industries today. Statistics indicate that flights around the world account for around 2.5% of global carbon production. As the airline industry growing magnificently today, this impact is not going to slow down, in-fact; it seems to grow tremendously in coming years.

Hence, there are all possible efforts visible like trying out electric planes or biofuels to cut down the impact of air travel. Still as new technologies are a slow process as they require years of safety testing and huge investment, alternative ways are simultaneously being thought out.

Carbon Flight Offsetting is one of the emerging alternative approaches to cut down the environmental impact of air travel. Carbon offsetting your flight means you as a passenger voluntarily pay for a scheme that offset your flight/flights- you make up for emissions that your flight produces.

The money gained from your offsetting is then spent to alternate energy projects and to projects whichever could reduce CO2 emissions in various other industries.

The essence of offsetting air travel is to increase sustainability and to balance out the damage of the activity to the environment. When you as regular flying person do it often, offsetting then also means creating sustainability awareness.

How We at ‘CO2nsensus’ Do Carbon Flight Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting your flight is not as simple as it looks. There are possibilities of schemes run by profit-making companies, possibility of projects which have no standard certification or credibility, and even ossibility that you miscalculated your flight offsets.

We at CO2nsensus offer first our ‘expertise’ that effectuates the whole process. We make it look simple as well as make it simple through our CO2nnector Software that calculates flight offsets as precisely and accurately as you as passenger want.

Our globally run flight offsetting projects say it loud- we maintain high standards, we bring the certification you require and the assurance you need that your money is going in the right way.

CO2nsensus Carbon Offset Flight Calculator

Once you as flight passenger decide to choose CO2nsensus as for your flight offsetting, it means we are offering a methodology that is International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) dealt. Yes, our software ‘CO2nnector’ adopts the ICAO carbon emissions methodology to apply latest standards and to accurately estimate flight emissions attributed to your carbon flight. Provided ICAO means CO2nnector is simple calculation to generate authentic results.

Our Global Offsetting Projects

We spend your spending directly on carbon reduction and this is what defines our vision and mission in global offsetting projects.We at CO2nsensus offer a range of offsetting projects that result in greater sustainability and comprehensive environmental-upgrade. Our range of verified renewable energy projects includes solar, wind, biomass and hydropower plants.

Moreover, our verified tree plantation projects include afforestation and reforestation projects. Additionally, our global carbon reduction projects work in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of improving social life, ensuring well-being to the local community and preventing all possible environmental harms. So your flight offsetting is translated into effective environmental care in our global offsetting projects.

Flight Offsetting as Exactly How We Do It

The CO2nnector using ICAO methodology applies the best publicly available industry data and therefore its calculator would only require minimum information from you as a user/passenger to produce results. The following is how we do it for you.

  • The methodology takes into account various crucial factors like route specific data, aircraft types, cargo carried and passenger load factors to give best estimate.
  • CO2nnector is simple to use and effective to reveal your flight carbon emissions.
  • CO2nnector only requires a basic process from you. All you need is to insert your flight details (departure and destination codes) and get your flight emissions as exactly.
  • CO2nnector calculates with 99.99% accuracy.
  • CO2nnector works in accordance to international recognised greenhouse gas emissions.

Certification We Provide


We at CO2nsensus work in great authenticity and therefore in full satisfaction of our user through our certification. Calculating your flight emissions through us means you would be provided with highly certified results which you could be sharing in social media or your personal website.

Buying flight offsets at CO2nsensus means you would be handed over certificates that indicate your name, your carbon offset purpose, the carbon reduction project you got interested in and the amount of carbon credits you’ve purchased.