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What is Carbon Offsetting Car Travel?

As after regulations have pushed the corporates on ‘sustainability’ and to seriously deal with the climate crisis, individuals of today are becoming more aware. People also will to do something for the crisis that prevails. Cars are obvious common means of transport today and that means people with car have great opportunity to join hands of corporates to address the climate change.

Every household with a car could bring reasonable share in cutting emissions through offsetting their regular car travel. Yes, this is how carbon offsetting your car travel could be defined as a decisive procedure to lower environmental impact, and this reduction means reduction on daily basis.

Private cars are motor vehicles and motor vehicles have been major cause of air pollution. The combined average CO2 range of even of the top selling vehicles is around 188 grams per kilometre, according to Green Vehicles Guides. This means that if every aware car traveller travels one kilometre could cut 188 grams through offsetting to make the planet cleaner.

This is how carbon offsetting your car travel could be defined a practical procedure to lower impact. Yes, it is absolutely practical as it is individually doable. It brings results. It makes one feel environmentally-responsive and compassionate.

How We at CO2nsensus Do it?

We at CO2nsensus work around recognised standards to effectuate our emissions calculator software ‘CO2nnector’. Then what CO2nnenctor does is that it comes out as comprehensive carbon footprint calculator to calculate, analyse and offset your routine car travel.

CO2nnector applies all possible factors to clearly reveal your personal carbon emissions. It applies all variables to generate satisfactory results leading to satisfactory offset purchase. We at CO2nsensus offer reliability. We offer care to your personal carbon offsetting requirement.

C02nsensus Tips for Offsetting your Car Travel

There is always some prevention better than cure. We all car travellers could try some steps to make our car trips more carbon-free and environmental-friendly. CO2nsensus offers these steps as alternative carbon offsetting. We should try them as in parallel to buying offsets. These are as follows.

  • For local car travel it is better to leave your car at home and prefer public transport, a bicycle or a walk as better options
  • Keep your car fatigue free and that means your vehicle is properly serviced before on road. Servicing reduces fuel consumption; improves car performance and obviously your efficient car releases fewer emissions.
  • Tyres pressure should be checked at-least once in two weeks. Low pressure means your car is more carbon-emitting. Before long trips, this step remains most critical.
  • Avoid congested areas as more as you can. Plan your trip and pathways for not getting lost and wasting fuel.
  • Slow accelerator also prevents many emissions. Try keeping the windows close as it reduces drag of the car and hence increases fuel-efficiency and carbon-prevention.
  • Before buying a new car, try CO2nnector to inspect your car fully. It should be more energy-efficient. It should be less carbon-emitting.

The above CO2nsensus checklist keeps you more aware. It keeps you as a regular car traveler more contributive to environment. Apply it and make your car travel greener than before.

Our Projects

To make the planet greener, CO2nsensus manages to work in global environmental-sustenance projects. Here at our platform you have the chance to offset your personal car travel by spending in various internationally happening projects. We guide your money across the globe for making environment prosperous and healthy.

Our projects may include afforestation and reforestation projects. These may include renewable energy projects such as solar, wind, biogas and hydropower etc. We also work in carbon reduction projects certified under Gold and Verified Carbon Standards (VCSs). Hence, you would find reliability- you would find satisfaction in offsetting your car travel with CO2nsensus.



For offsetting your car travel, CO2nsensus emphasises monitoring and tracking of the process. Once you purchased the offsets, we make sure they get certified with your name, your carbon offset purpose, the carbon reduction project you got interested in, and the amount of carbon credits you purchased. Yes, all this information comes written on CO2nsensus certificates which you receive right after the purchase.

CO2nsensus system automatically creates a unique ID number and a QR code to refer your purchase. This allows you to share car travel offsetting to your personal website or on social media. Our certification does it all for your satisfaction. Once you do it here, you would find the confidence to do it again and again on CO2nsensus.